Logo, River Bend CDD in Ruskin, FL

Community Development District
est. November 9, 2004

Hillsborough County Establishment Ordinance 04-48

Board of Supervisors

Seat 1: Lance C. Belka
Seat 2: Jayne Tingley
Seat 3: William S. Bish
Seat 4: Open
Seat 5: Irving M. Plummer
Call: (813) 397-5120
Pool Complex Clubhouse
2502 Dakota Rock Dr.
Ruskin, FL 33570-6392

Disitrict Manager: Debby Nussel
District Secretary: Brian Lamb
District Treasurer: Eric Davidson

For Estoppel inquiries, please contact the

River Bend Covenants, Conditions and Deed Restrictions

River Bend (Master) Covenants, Conditions and Deed Restrictions

River Bend Parking Restrictions - Parking Restriction Letter to all Residents October 7, 2015

River Bend Planning Criteria

River Bend (Master) Articles of Incorporation "Exhibit B"

River Bend (Master) By-Laws "Exhibit C"

River Bend (Master) Amendment to By-Laws (Filed 9/13/2016)

Spyglass at River Bend Covenants, Conditions and Deed Restrictions

All residents entering and using the pool, fitness center and tennis facility agree to abide by the following specific rules regarding these facilities:

Approved Color Palette for River Bend Homes - Paints available through Sherwin-Williams  (If you are changing the exterior color of your home, and/or trim, you must submit an Alteration Application for approval by the Architectural Review Board prior to commencing painting).

There are numerous pet pick-up stations throughout the community for dog owners to clean up after their pets. Please be sure to use the provided bags and trash receptacles to clean up after your dog. If you walk your dog and are not near a pet station, and your dog does its business in a neighbor's yard, please pick up the mess. If you are caught not picking up after your pet, an automatic $100 fine will be levied against the dog's owner if photographic evidence is provided to the property management company's representative. 

Pool Deck and Fitness Center Update - You must have your River Bend ID card with you to enter the pool deck and fitness center. All residents over the age of 16 are required to scan their card (pool gate need not be closed) prior to entry onto the pool deck. Anyone caught using another person's ID for entry will be asked to leave the facility, and the violator's card will be deactivated. Thank you.

Both the pool deck and fitness center scanners are active from 6:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. Pool hours of operation are from sunrise until sunset, weather permitting. The fitness center will be open until 10:30 p.m., at which time the building will shut down automatically.