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Community Development District
est. November 9, 2004

Hillsborough County Establishment Ordinance 04-48

Board of Supervisors

Seat 1: Andrew J. Pouget
Seat 2: Jayne Tingley
Seat 3: Richard A. DeBrosse
Seat 4: Steven J. Minafri
Seat 5: Irving M. Plummer
Call: (813) 397-5120
Pool Complex Clubhouse
2502 Dakota Rock Dr.
Ruskin, FL 33570-6392

Disitrict Manager: Debby Nussel
District Secretary: Brian Lamb
District Treasurer: Eric Davidson

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River Bend Community Development District

FY18 Budget Category Explanations

Financial & Administrative

District Manager

The District retains the services of a consulting manager, who is responsible for the daily administration of the District's business, including any and all financial work related to the Bond Funds and Operating Funds of the District, and preparation of the minutes of the Board of Supervisors. In addition, the District Manager prepares the Annual Budget(s), implements all policies of the Board of Supervisors, and attends all meetings of the Board of Supervisors.

District Engineer

Consists of attendance at scheduled meetings of the Board of Supervisors, offering advice and consultation on all matters related to the works of the District, such as bids for yearly contracts, operating policy, compliance with regulatory permits, etc.

Disclosure Reporting

On a quarterly and annual basis, disclosure of relevant district information is provided to the Muni Council, as required within the bond indentures.

Trustees Fees

This item relates to the fee assessed for the annual administration of bonds outstanding, as required within the bond indentures.

Auditing Services

The District is required to annually undertake an independent examination of its books, records and accounting procedures. This audit is conducted pursuant to State Law and the Rules of the Auditor General.

Postage, Phone, Fax, Copies

This item refers to the cost of materials and service to produce agendas and conduct day-to-day business of the District.

Miscellaneous Administration

This is required of the District to store its official records.

Public Officials Insurance

The District carries Public Officials Liability in the amount of $1,000,000.

Legal Advertising

This is required to conduct the official business of the District in accordance with the Sunshine Law and other advertisement requirements as indicated by the Florida Statutes.

Bank Fees

The District operates a checking account for expenditures and receipts.

Dues, Licenses & Fees

The District is required to file with the County and State each year.

Miscellaneous Fees

To provide for unbudgeted administrative expenses.

Investment Reporting Fees

This is to provide an investment report to the District on a quarterly basis.

Office Supplies

Cost of daily supplies required by the District to facilitate operations.

Technology Services

This is to upgrade and keep current the operating components to comply with new governmental accounting standards along with basic website maintenance.

Website Administration

This is for maintenance and administration of the Districts official website.

Capital Outlay

This is to purchase new equipment as required.

Legal Counsel

District Counsel

Requirements for legal services are estimated at an annual expenditures on an as needed and also cover such items as attendance at scheduled meetings of the Board of Supervisor's, Contract preparation and review, etc.

Electric Utility Services

Electric Utility Services

This item is for street lights, pool, recreation facility and other common element electricity

Garbage/Solid Waste Control Services

Garbage Collection

This item is for pick up at the recreation facility and parks as needed.

Water-Sewer Combination Services

Water Utility Services

This item is for the potable and non-potable water used for irrigation.

Other Physical Environment

Waterway Management System

This item is for maintaining the multiple waterways that compose the District's waterway management system and aids in controlling nuisance vegetation that may otherwise restrict the flow of water.

Property & Casualty Insurance

The District carries $1,000,000 in general liability and also has sovereign immunity.

Entry & Walls Maintenance

This item is for maintaining the main entry feature and other common area walls.

Landscape Maintenance

The District contracts with a professional landscape firm to provide service through a public bid process. This fee does not include replacement material or irrigation repairs.

Miscellaneous Landscape

This item is for any unforeseen circumstances that may effect the appearance of the landscape program.

Plant Replacement Program

This item is for landscape items that may need to be replaced during the year.

Property Taxes

This item is for property taxes assessed to lands within the District.

Irrigation Maintenance

Repairs necessary for everyday operation of the irrigation system to ensure its effectiveness.

Pool Maintenance

This item is necessary to contract with a vendor to maintain the pool within state guidelines for public use.

Clubhouse Maintenance

This item provides for operations, maintenance, and supplies to the District's Amenity Center.

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