River Bend (Master) HOA Board of Directors

Herman "Dusty" Wilson - President

Email: riverbendpresident@ameritechmail.com

Perry Taglienti - Vice President

Email: Riverbendvp@ameritechmail.com

Lisa Baker - Secretary

Email: riverbendsec@ameritechmail.com

Robert Spizzo - Treasurer

Email: Riverbendtres@ameritechmail.com

Phillip Holloway

Email: riverbenddirector@ameritechmail.com


Spyglass HOA Board of Directors


Frank Koch - President

Charles Myers - Vice President

Wayne Mosely - Secretary

Daniel Highsmith - Treasurer

Elena Jones - Member at Large


River Bend of Hillsborough County HOA Approved Committee Members

Approved List of River Bend HOA Committee Members

Page Last Updated: 8/04/2017